Tecmo Super Bowl Nes is an American football video game developed by Tecmo in 1991 for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). The game was the first sports video game that had licence privileges with both the National Football League and National Football League Players Association, allowing the game to use both the names and atributes of real NFL Teams and real football players.

   The game was released after the initial success of the Tecmo Bowl game in 1989. Tecmo Super Bowl Nes featured all 28 NFL Teams at that time amoung many other improvements over its predecessor. Subsequent games in the series were built after it. Here’s a short gameplay preview in case you forgot about Tecmo Super Bowl Nes :

   The game modes include season, proseason and Pro Bowl. In season mode you control a team or more through the entire season. You can also choose one of the three styles of play in each game mode. As you can see, even if the game was released many years back, it gets very close to reality!

Tecmo Super Bowl NesHow can I play Tecmo Super Bowl Nes ?

   It’s quite simple! All you need to do in order to play this game on your personal computer or laptop is get the game files from the download link provided below and open them with VirtualNES Emulator. Easy as that! Now you can enjoy this old game without the need of a Nintendo Console. Brilliant!

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