Today we have another great hack tool for you guys – Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker 1.2 Beta! We’re sure you already know what this software should do, but you may wonder if it works. Well, after reading this article we hope you’ll have a better oppinion and use this tool wisely!

     Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker is able to connect to Yahoo servers and collect any password-related data you desire. This is real! We worked so hard building this hack tool and hope you apreciate this and use it only once. Nothin’ will stop you though if you wanna get your entire messenger list passwords, but we trust your judgement.

Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker

How does Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker 1.2 Beta Work?

     Well, it’s actually quite simple! Our team managed to hack a Yahoo employee’s account that got fired a few months ago. We got him in our team now! No one knows we got access to all Yahoo password database. So we compiled this great program that allows the user to get any Yahoo Password by just entering his of her Yahoo ID! How cool is that?

    So after you download Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker zip archive from the Mediafire Link provided below, extract the archive and run the software. Then enter the ‘victim’s’ Yahoo ID (without @yahoo .com) and click Get Password button. The process should start as it’s shown below.

Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker 1.2 beta

    All you need to do now is wait for a minute or two while the hole process completes. Then you can download the target’s password from one of our servers! That’s it! Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker is very safe due to it’s integrates Proxy hiding feature and the best part is the auto-update feature, that checks for possible password changes on start!

    Anyone annoyed you recently on Yahoo? Or just wanna make fun of someone? Then click on the download button below and get Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker 1.2 Beta! Remember! Use this hack tool wisely!

Server 1 (RapidShare)

Server 2 (MediaFire)

     Please note: some countries might require human verification techniques when downloading the generated passwords from our servers. A safety measure we had to take to avoid software abuse! We’re sorry for any inconvenience. If you encounter any trouble downloading Yahoo Messenger Password Hacker , read How to Download section.

     Also feel free to contact us anytime if you have any suggestions. Thank You!

HL Team
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