10-Yard Fight is an American football arcade video game, developed and published in 1983 by Trem in Japan for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game is the first slightly realistic football simulator video game, similar to Tecmo Super Bowl .

      The arcade version of 10-Yard Fight was ported in 1985 for the NES by Irem in Japan and later published in North America and Europe by Nintendo. The arcade version was also ported to the MSX home computer by irem, exclusively in Japan. Remember 10-Yard Fight Nintendo game ? Look at this short gameplay preview:

       Let’s talk now a bit about 10-Yard Fight gameplay. As you may already know, 10-Yard Fight is viewed in a top-down perspective with vertical scrooling.
10-Yard Fight NintendoAs a player, you do not select the plays for either offence or defense. On offese, you need to simply receive the ball upon the snap and you have several options: either attempt to run with the quarterback, toss the ball to a running back or throw the ball to the long distance receiver. On defense you need to choose one of two players to control, as the CPU controls the others.

      10-Yard Fight video game has 5 levels of difficulty, from the easiest to most difficult : high school, college, professional, playoff, and Super Bowl. If you win both halves in a career mode, you can advance to the next level of difficulty.

How can I play 10-Yard Fight Nintendo?

     All you need to do in order to play 10-Yard Fight game on your personal computer or laptop is get the game files from the download link provided below and open these files with VirtualNES Emulator. Easy as that! Now you can enjoy this old game without the need of a Nintendo Console !

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