1942 Rom is a vertically scrooling shoot’em up video game for Nintendo Entertainment System, developed and published by Capcom in 1984. The action of 1942 Rom is set in the Pacific battle in World War II and the goal is to reach Tokyo and destroy all the Japanese air fleet. You’ll be controlling a plane named Super Ace and the mission is to shoot down enemy planes. To avoid enemy fire you can perform a roll or collect the necesary power-ups for shield features. One of the power-ups allows you to be escorted by two smaller planes in a Tip Tow formation. Remember now? Here’s a short video preview of 1942 Rom Game:

     Course, 1942 Rom game preserves the plane models available in WW2. So enemy planes are Kawasaki Ki-61, Mitsubishi A6M Zero and Kawasaki Ki-48, and the Boss’s plane is the breathtaking Nakajima G8N. This game managed to get closer to reality by the story-line and real life analogies.

Do I need a Nintendo Console to play 1942 Rom ?

1942 Rom       You must remeber the old times when you struggled to complete the main mission in this cool old Nintendo game! The good news is now you won’t need an old Nintendo Console to be able to play 1942 Rom . Just download and install VirtualNES Emulator, then download this game from the link provided below and open it with the program. It’s so easy and you can play any nes game on any operating system! Cool right?

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