Bionic Commando Nes is the action-adventure video game released in 1988 by CapCom for the Nintendo Entertainment System. In this game, your mission is to explore each stage and get the necessary equipment in order to advance. You’ll be controlling Ladd Spencer, a commando equipped with a bionic arm that allows him to pull himself forward or swing from the ceiling. Here’s a YouTube game-play remix:

     Bionic Commando Nes story is kinda complex, the actions takes place in 1989 and it’s centered around two rival states: the Federation and the Empire. You’ll be leading Spencer into a dangerous hostage rescue mission, as you are the best commando in your team. Do not prove them wrong!

How can I play Bionic Commando Nes ?

Bionic Commando Nes     You definitely played this game by now on your Nintendo old console. That was years ago. What if we tell you that Bionic Commando Nes can be played on your personal computer or laptop with no cartrige or console needed? That’s right! All you need to do in order to play Bionic Commando Nes is download and install VirtualNES Emulator, a great tool allowing old Nintendo games to be played on any operating system. Then get Bionic Commando Nes from the download link below and open the file included in the pack. You get full access to your memories!

    Don’t wait any longer! Click on the download button below to fully enjoy Bionic Commando Nes for Nintendo (a human verification method may be applied to some countries)!

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