Contra Nes Rom is one of the most popular games for Nintendo ever made. Contra Nes Rom is a run-action game published and developed by Konami, originally released in 1987. Several sequels were produced after the original game years after. Remember this cool game?

    In Contra Nintendo game, you’ll be controlling one of the two armed commandos named Bill and Lance, also called “Mad Dog” and “Scorpion”, who are sent in a battle mission. The purpose is neutralizing a terrorist group called Red Falcon Organization that plans to destroy the Earth.

    Your character is equipped with a rifle and unlimited amount of ammo. You’ll be able to jump, fire and move in eight directions, and also the great ability to move or jump simultaneously while shooting. Your enemies will be terminated by a single bullet hit. But we’re sure you already remember these cool details. Great news is about to come !

Can I play Contra Nes Rom on my PC?

Contra Nes Rom    Yes, of course you can! All you need to do in order to play Contra Nes Rom on your personal computer or laptop is download the pack below and extract the archive, but only after you have installed VirtualNES Emulator (from this link), a tool that offers you the chance to play these old games on your computer. And we have a great surprise for you guys! The Contra Nes Rom Pack available for download below contains all the versions of Contra game for Nintendo, so you can fully enjoy this great game, that probably changed your childhood.

    So don’t miss this unique opportunity! Click on the download button below and get Contra Nes Rom and play it now!

     Have trouble when downloading Contra Nes Rom ? Please take time and read this.

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