Duck Hunt Nintendo is a NES video game, released in 1984 in Japan, in which players use the Nintendo Zapper Light Gun to shoot the flying ducks on the screen. Remember? The ducks appeared one or two at the time and you had to shoot them down with 3 shots. Duck Hunt Nintendo also contains the game based on Laser Clay Shooting System, where you have to shoot two clay pigeons at once. Here’s a short game-play preview.

     Duck Hunt Nintendo has three game modes:

One duck mode – Each round has 10 ducks for the player to shoot, only one duck appearing on the screen at a time. The player has only three shots to take down one duck.
Two ducks mode – Similar to ‘One duck’ mode, the difference is that the ducks appear on the screen in pairs. The new pair will show up only after the player shot down the previous pair or they escaped.
Clay Shooter mode – The player has to shoot down 10 clay pigeons that come in pairs. Three shots available.

Duck Hunt Nintendo     Now, I know you will definitely like to play this game again and regret you’ve thrown away your Nintendo console. We have some good news for you! Play Duck Hunt Nintendo on your personal computer or laptop, on any operating system, just by downloading Duck Hunt Nintendo from the link below! Yes, that’s right! This game is not dead yet! Please note that in order to open Duck Hunt Nintendo on your operating system, you’ll need to install VirtualNES Emulator (click here), a great tool that connects with that ‘lost universe’ of old Nintendo Games.

     Click on the download link below to get Duck Hunt Nintendo and play this cool old shooter game! (A human verification may be required in some countries due to spam fighting).

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