With Ice Age Village Hack you can get tons of free cash, acorns and stars in Ice Age Village Facebook game. Your account will be updated almost instantly after you properly use our Ice Age Village Hack. Plus, you can easily hack your XP level for 24 hours. This is certainly a wish come true for Ice Age Village game fans.

More good news for you! Ice Age Village Hack not only works for the Facebook version of the game, but also for Android , iPhone and iPad. And of course, no jailbreak is required! This is so awesome!

Ice Age Village Hack

Here’s what Ice Age Village Hack does more specific:

– Adds unlimited cash
– Adds unlimited acorns
– Adds free stars
– Ability to hack your XP level for 24 hours

Ice Age Village Hack is safe to use!

You can safely use Ice Age Village Hack software due to proxy hiding ability, included in the archive available for download below. You can also delete all the cookies after using this hack tool from the Settings menu. The auto-update feature detects if newer versions are available and when you run Ice Age Village Hack , it will automatically connect to our server. The current version is 1.7c, but we are working hard to release version 2.0, with more and more cool cheats available!

Ice Age Village Hack is free to download, but in some countries, a human verification may be required, cuz we wouldn’t like some robot exploit this release. Click on the download button below to enjoy this hack tool.

If you experience any issues while downloading the file above, visit How to Download page. Enjoy Ice Age Village Hack release!  Remember, you can contact us any time. Thank You!

HL Team
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