Metal Gear Nes is a military action adventure game for Nintendo, originally released in 1987 by Konami in Japan and several parts in Europe. Metal Gear Nes is considered to be the progenitor of the stealth games genre, and also the first game designed by Hideo Kojima, the author of many Metal Gear sequels. The action in the game revolves around a special fighter called Solid Snake. He goes into a infiltration mission to the state of Outer Heaven to destroy Metal Gear, a walking takn destroyer. Here’s a complete Metal Gear Nes game-play, shared by a YouTube user:

    In Metal Gear Nes Game you must control the main character, Solid Snake, through various missions and avoid visual contact and confruntations with the patrolling guards. If you get spotted, the game will enter the Alert Mode, and you must escape from enemy’s sight to continue your mission. There are several methods of escaping the guards, but we’ll let you remember these by playing this cool Nintendo Game.

How can I play Metal Gear Nes ?

Metal Gear Nes    Well, this is the good news. You won’t need an old Nintendo Console in order to play Metal Gear Nes Game. You can play it straight on your personal computer or laptop! Sounds great right? All you need to do is download and install VirtualNES Emulator, and you’ll be able to play all the nes games found on our site. After downloading Metal Gear Nes from the link provided below, you must extract it and open the nes files with this program. So easy!

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