We have good news for Angry Birds fans! A brand new angry birds game is available in beta stage: Angry Birds Western.

This new angry birds game hasn’t been yet released, but a guy from the ROVIO Developing Team was fired and took a sample apk file with the game and send it to some Android hacking teams. Of course, we got the file too, so you can enjoy this new angry birds game now. The ROVIO team announced the original launch date somewhere in 2014, but you can have it now on your android powered device! Here’s a screen capture made with one of our testing devices:

New Angry Birds Game - Angry Birds Western

The thing is that we cannot guarantee that this version of game will get you satisfied, you may experience some bugs due to beta stage version. We’ve already tested this new angry birds game on three android devices and works pretty good, the bug rate is minimal.

So if you are ready for the new Angry Birds challenge and don’t wanna wait till next year, download this new angry birds game (in .apk format) by clicking on the download button below! Just unzip and copy the apk file in your android device!

If you experience any issues while downloading the apk file above, visit this page. Enjoy this new angry birds game release!  Feel free to contact us at any time. We would a appreciate a comment feedback for this new angry birds game : Angry Birds Western beta. Thank You!

HL Team