We continue our ninja game hacks series and so we release Ninja Warz Hack v4.01! Ninja Warz is a fun packed 2D fighting game for Facebook users, developed by Broken Bulb Studios. In this great fighting game you have to build an army of hand-picked Ninjas and engage in a exciting combat with other players around the world.

      But in order to succed you need to train your ninjas, equip them with one of the various weapons and battle in an exciting arena. You can also compete in tournaments, earn reqards and equipment items and so become the ultimate army in this virtual world. Do you have what it takes?

Ninja Warz Hack

      So far so good. The bad news is that in order to win battles with other online Ninja armies your army will require lots of weapons and ammo. Sure, you can purchase these items with the game currency, but the earning process is so boring sometimes and you can’t allways afford to buy the needed virtual game content with real money currency. Right?

      Fellas! Don’t spend any amount of real money for purchasing Karma. Ninja Warz Hack can generate any amount of Karma for your Ninja Warz account for free ! All you need to do is get the program from the download link provided below, unzip  and run Ninja Warz Hack .exe. Select the desired cheat amounts and hit Hack button. That’s it! The changes will appear in your Facebook account in no time. The extra features like Level Hack or Health Hack make our hack unique!

How does Ninja Warz Hack v4.01 work?

      Ninja Warz Hack has an integrated cheat engine with a various amount of cheat codes for this game. The auto-update feature is another cool feature that guarantees that the cheat codes will never get old, as the cheat engine updates on start. The proxy feature keeps your computer protected when using the program. Make sure you are logged in your Facebook account!

              (Note that some countries might require human verification techniques due to global spam-fight)

       Problems while downloading Ninja Warz Hack ? Read our How To Download section. Feel free to contact us any time. Thank You!

HL Team
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