PhotoSpeak is the number 1 iPhone application hit from Japan, that makes the leap to Android devices, with a bit changed release name: PhotoSpeak 3D Talking Photo!

PhotoSpeak 3D Talking Photo application is an android app that can transform any portrait photo into a moving 3D avatar. Pretty cool right? PhotoSpeak 3D Talking Photo has an extra feature: the generated avatar repeats your every word! So you’ll be able to make anyone come alive, just like in Science-Fiction movies, and all you need is a portrait photo.

The use of PhotoSpeak 3D Talking Photo application is very easy:

* Take a portrait photo or select one from your photo gallery, and the face will start moving in 3D!
* Talk to it and you will be amazed! It will repeat your every word!

The current version is 2.0.7 and works on Android 1.6+ devices!

To download the full version of PhotoSpeak 3D Talking Photo, and have fun with your family and friends by showing them this great app, click on the Mediafire link below!

HL Team