We’ll start our free NES Roms collection with one of most popular games of the 90’s: Super Mario Nintendo . You definitely know what we’re talking about, but here’s a video preview of Super Mario Nintendo game-play, just in case.

Remember now ? Of course you do! This game really changed our lives at that time, with his unique game-play and story-line. Nowadays, the computer games are filled with useless details and graphics, and the producers sometimes miss the hole point of producing a cool game. It’s like a high rated movie that has cool actors and effects, but misses the story-line completely. Well, Super Mario Nintendo offers a pure game-play, and even if the graphics aren’t so cool, you’ll be definitely staying a few hours in front of you PC or laptop, just for old times sake!

As we already said here, you will need to download and install VirtualNES software, in order to enjoy Super Mario Nintendo classic game. The pack available today for download includes all Super Mario Nintendo versions, including the one with 2 player mode. Yeah! You can play with one friend on the same keyboard, replacing those unforgetable Nintendo joy-sticks!

Click on the download link below to enjoy the old, but still addictive Super Mario Nintendo .

Trouble downloading Super Mario Nintendo ? See THIS page.

You can e-mail us anytime if you want to make a request of an old Nintendo game (See Contact page). We will find it and post it here, on hacks-land.net! Thank you!

HL Team